Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I really doubt it!!!!

I do go to the critques part of etsy forum and ask opinion well I use to I will not anymore. One of the biggest comments I got was that my prices were too low..... Well I went about busily changing my prices to no avail still no sales. Then I started looking at some of the stores for the ones telling me to raise my prices and too my amazement some of their prices were at or lower than mine so now I have decided I don't care if some other crafter likes my prices or not they are what I charge whether I sell it on etsy or at a craft show. If all I do is raise my prices to please everyone else it doesn't make me happy. I have even posted a new message on my store an it is as follows:

I would also like to say I have kept my prices low not because my items are cheap but because times are hard for all of us. I am not interested in making a fortune off of my jewelry and bags but to keep what I like to do going. Sure I earn a little money but not as much as some people do. I love what I do and that is the reason I do it. I set my prices where I want so that the average person with average wages can afford them.

I truely like what I do.... I like making money but I also know that times are hard for everyone so if we all get together and charge reasonable prices instead of trying to be millionaires off of our crafts then we would all sell more.

Thanks and have a good day!!!!


  1. OMG!!! My sentiments exactly. Can I cut and paste this onto my shop also. I get the same reactions to prices being too low. If people think the prices are too low, then maybe they should buy two or three...what a deal!:)

  2. I agree with your sentiments. I also have been told my prices are too low. I charge what I feel is appropriate for my work and am happy with it. Advice from others is all well and good but in the end we are the ones who have to make the decisions and live with them ;)

  3. it's a rare thing in life to be able to do something you love and have it provide a source of income - stay true to yourself and the same with your price point - you know what your supplies cost and you know who long it takes to make each item -

  4. I agree! Stay true to yourself and your items. :) Good luck!

  5. i hear what you're saying. i wonder if you just need to get your 'shop name' out there more. instead of high or low prices, i think there are so many etsy shops that for someone to even find yours is going to be hard.

    i know for myself, my mom has sometimes said that a price for this earring or that was too high-- and though i hear her, i also know the time and effort and love and care that is put into my handmade pieces... my thought is, if in a department store for a machine manufactered piece, someone is going to pay triple my price, then my price is not too high.

    keep at it. :)

  6. The issue I have is not that my prices are too high or low, but whether or not people have a need for what it is I am selling. I have been looking into diversifying my work so that I have a need to fill beyond the winter months.